Why start a clothing company?


With so many clothing companies out there, and new ones popping up all the time, does it make sense to start another one? Consider the growing amount of textile waste and news coverage of mistreated garment workers overseas. Are we crazy? Well, what about a clothing company that actually reduces textile waste and is working for positive change in the fashion industry? That is exactly what we set out to do. But how? The key to our company is that all our ethically made clothes are upcycled.

Upcycling: the process of reusing or repurposing materials to create new, even higher quality products than the original.

Reusing beautiful fabrics is smart, beautiful, creative and fun (& it also helps to reduce landfill waste). It’s not a new idea; people have been cleverly repurposing clothing forever. Think about your grandparent’s era, when upcycling was a way of life because many families had less money and material resources. It is both smart and sentimental. We’re happy to help bring the movement back.

Melina and I were raised in households where Halloween costumes were hand made, ripped knees were patched and pants were bought a bit too bit with seams taken in to fit, then taken out as we grew. It was a sentiment of respecting what we had, and making it last for as long as possible. And, receiving a bag of hand-me-down clothes from a cool older cousin (thanks, Trish!) was way more exciting than a trip to the mall.

I’ve been in the sustainability world for over a decade, advising governments and private companies on how to amend current practices and future initiatives by considering people, the planet and profit. We aim to bring to life a company that starts off on the right foot, paying workers a fair, living wage and keeping textile waste out of landfills. After 18 months of working on our launch, we still aren’t there. Turns out, it’s more complicated to scale our business idea than we realized, but we are closer than we have ever been and we will continue to strive for our goals, one well constructed, upcycled garment at a time.


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