5 Simple Upcycling Projects You can do With your Kids

We scoured Pinterest to find 5 of the coolest, yet simple upcycling projects you can do with your kids. Please share your favorite upcycling activities in the comments- we love to hear from you. (Links to photo credits and further instructions included in list below)

Upcycling Ideas from Pinterest
Upcycling Ideas from Pinterest

5. Have a puzzle with missing pieces? Turn them over, paint as you please and turn them into your own amazing wall art! (credit: http://www.iheartcraftythings.com/)

4. Would you like your kids to help with watering plants? Take an empty half gallon milk or juice jug, punch a few holes in the lid with a needle or skewer, fill with water, screw the lid on and you’re done! (credit: http://offbeathome.com/)

3. Do you eat cereal and have stacks of paper ling around? Simply cut off the top of the box in a downward sloping diagonal and cover it with wrapping or craft paper. Beautiful and resourceful. (credit: http://www.sohosonnet.com/)

2. Put mismatched buttons to a practical and adorable new use by gluing them onto paperclips for a unique and beautiful bookmark. (credit: http://www.iheartnaptime.net/)

1. Make a birdfeeder from a half gallon milk or juice carton. See this adorable photo for inspiration or get creative with whatever you have in your recycling bin! (credit: http://www.redtedart.com/)

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