My 5 favorite baby toys

5 favorite baby toys
5 favorite baby toys

Having my third child a little over 5 years after my last baby, I had given away nearly all of my baby things. I had a few token board books around for friends’ babies to chew on when they visited, but I basically had to start all over again. It was nostalgic to reunite with some old favorites, and fun to pick out some new toys. Here are 5 of my favorite baby toys (links in text). What are yours?

5. Shape Sorter. Once my baby was sitting up and exploring all the non-baby safe items around him (!), I put a shape sorter in front of him and initially he loved throwing the shapes, but now he’s sorting like a pro.

4. Teether. There are so many to choose from, and it doesn’t necessarily start out as a toy, but we received a Green Sprouts teether as a gift and my son instantly loved it. First, he used it as a teether, then he linked it with other toys, and now it’s a staple bath toy. So many uses!

3. Rattle. All babies like something to shake! I had a comb and brush by Ore’ and decided to try their rattle. Made from the same sustainably harvested wood with their signature baby logo, but with brighter colors, it was an instant hit around age 6 months.

2. Stuffy. My oldest son has a severe allergy to dust, so any stuffed animals that stay in our house are limited and must be exceptionally loved. My youngest received a few adorable stuffies as gifts. There was something special about his boxer dog- sweetly asymmetric with playful clothing and rag doll legs, he was carried around everywhere.

1. Blocks. This is the only one I didn’t buy recently. It was handed down to me for my first child and I loved them so much, I kept them. I see them/step on them daily now as they’re strewn around my house. Here’s where you can find the updated version:

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