Honoring a Veteran by repurposing her uniform

IMG_20151201_175547For Veteran’s Day we are expressing our gratitude to the US service men and women by showing a sweet way to honor a military veteran in your family. We transform service members’ old uniforms into cherished garments for the little ones in their lives.  What a great sentiment to be able to reuse these fabrics with something that means a great deal to their family!

Harper is a sweet one year old who is wearing an upcycled romper made from her aunt Kate’s military uniform. Kate, served in the US Navy and was stationed in Djibouti. Kate’s husband, Paul, was stationed on a naval ship in South American with Harper’s mother, Ellen. As fate would have it, Paul became friends with Ellen and introduced her to his brother, Peter. And the rest as they say, is history. Now the brothers and their wives live near each other in Southern California. As Ellen had discarded her naval uniforms, she asked her sister-in-law, Kate, to use one of hers to make this special garment. And, it’s nearly ready to be passed on again, once Kate and Paul have a baby of their own.

1830We are honored to work with service members and their uniforms because they give so much for others. We look forward to making more cherished garments for other military families during our upcoming Kickstarter campaign running November 18- December 16, 2015. Thank you to all active and retired military for your service!






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