Citizen Smalls: A vibrant, made-in-USA clothing line that is anything but small

Today we’re introducing an amazingly talented kids clothing designer, Sarah Davis. I met Sarah through our accelerator program, Factory45 and her vision and determination inspire me. Her collection of vibrant, USA-made, soft tees and pants launches today on Kickstarter– she’s one to watch!

citizen smalls logoQ. We’re excited for the launch of your children’s line, Citizen Smalls. Such a cute name, how did you come up with it?

A. Funny actually, I’ve done several blog posts/interviews and I’ve never been asked this question! The name actually means a lot to me, Small is my husband and kids last name. I think of our kids as little citizens, so that’s where Citizen Smalls comes from.

Q. The drawings of your logo and of the paper dolls are adorable- do you draw too?

A. In the start of this journey, I searched for an illustrator. I knew exactly what I wanted but needed someone who could take my vision and translate into drawings. I reached out to Austin School of Fashion Design and was introduced to Stephanie. Not only does she have insane talent with illustrating, but she helps me with my blog, landing page and social media. She’s been a huge piece of my branding.
citizen smalls detail photoQ. It says on your website that the clothes are going to be sustainable, can you tell me a little more about that?

A. When I started to create this line I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted the clothes made. I had a lot of research to do and found some pretty interesting facts about clothing made in other parts of the world. I was shocked and saddened to see what is going on in this industry. From that moment on, I decided to be all US made. This is the sustainable piece for us.

Q. I understand you launched and run a nanny agency, have three kiddos of your own and are miraculously finding spare time to get Citizen Smalls going. Please share a few tips for keeping it together!

A. My life is chaos, I’m not going to lie! I run in many different directions and multi tasking for me is a must. I’ll be scheduling a nanny interview, click over to talk to a fabric manufacturer and then get a call to pick up a sick kiddo at school.  My house isn’t perfect, I dig to find soccer uniforms and my suburban smells like a mix of popcorn and ham. But that’s how I roll! But I’m passionate about both of my businesses and love what I do.  And I make time for my family. They are always my top priority.

citizens small kids photoQ. What is your favorite board game to play with your kids?

A. I love board games for kids!! Depending if we want to be educational game or a silly game. I love Brain Quest, it’s like Trivial Pursuit for kids. I prefer this game because it make me feel smart. It goes to grade 6 and I can usually get 70% correct. (Whoop!) My older son kicks my butt every time. Mustache Smash is another fav. Fun, funny and my 5 year old loves it!!

Editor’s note: Since conducting this interview, Sarah has brought on a good friend, Nichole Locke, of Bump Club and Beyond, as a partner. Welcome Nichole! And, we wish you both much success on your launch. Their campaign is now live- check it out here!


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